Reducing energy costs

Our goal is to provide our vast experiences (in local and European practices) to customers through modern energy management approach and continual improvement of energy efficiency. Energy cost control is the biggest potential for energy savings.

Performance improvement program for SME

Program is based on the principles of continuous improvements while fully complying with ISO standard requirements, and it represents one of the first steps towards meeting the international requirements. The tools represent business navigation, guidelines for those who want to improve their businesses and those who strive for excellence, through the implantation of energy management with achieving of significant energy savings.

Measurements, verifications and validations

Achieved goals in business improvements, energy cost reductions, product quality, etc. are measured objectively and independently, which is the only way to be sure that acquired results are as they are. We will measure significant parameters, verify your improvements and validate your facilities and equipment in compliance with world wide recognized methodologies.


Take care of our children, be socially responsible

Energy efficiency

Rational use of energy, decrease in pollution

"Green technology"

New technology will decrease waste, and transform waste to energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources will save natural resources and will decrease GHG emission